Fishin' Tip: "Let us do your job so you can do your job."

Support Team

Here at the Koi VIP Support Center (VSC) we practice on a daily basis what we believe a support team should do in order to effectively provide the type of personable service that each and every client deserves. Our philosophy is simple; take care of those that take care of you. Our objectives put an emphasis on high expectations and metrics that matters to your business, as well as providing a stringent set of SLA’s and support during the hours of the day that matter most to your business.

Also, the Koi VSC team provides the essential tools that will guide you step by step through the entire experience without having to guess “what is happening?”. You are always kept “in the know” with constant status updates backed by an SLA. The Koi VSC team makes this possible with a real time ticketing system, collaborative project management tools, proactive event management services and most importantly, our people.

It’s simple. The Koi VSC team gets it. They understand what is expected and focus their time and energy on the things that matter the most to you the client. The Koi VSC team is efficient, fast, accessible, helpful, technical, reliable and easy to work with. The Koi VSC team will leave you feeling, appreciated, amazed, and impressed. Most importantly, the Koi VSC team makes sure that you know we care as we resolve your issues, challenges, questions, worries or concerns.

Cheers from the Koi VSC Team!

Lisa, Natasha, Kevin, Marco, Deon, Francheska, Ashleigh & Susan