Case Studies

Koi Consulting Group's Mark Manuel (left), CEO, with John Siefert, president of Informa Exhibitions, the producers of Channel Partners and The Cloudys.

Koi Consulting Group’s Mark Manuel (left), CEO, with John Siefert, president of Informa Exhibitions, the producers of Channel Partners and The Cloudys.

We take pride in providing the IT infrastructure solutions that enable medium and enterprise sized businesses to succeed.

In fact, Koi Consulting Group received a Cloudy Award by Channel Partners for Most Innovative Cloud Customer Deployment. And while our solutions are certainly technical, we pride ourselves in the business outcomes we help our clients achieve. Whether it’s offloading the infrastructure, while allowing them to dramatically improve productivity, or its managing the day to day operation while they work on projects that allow the company to increase revenue, we help businesses succeed.

See what a few of our customers have to say about their work with Koi Consulting Group and read how our tailored managed services solutions have helped businesses get the results they want.

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  • From Slow Motion to Fast Track
    How One IT Department Worked with Koi to Gain Executive Sponsorship to Rapidly Increase Output

    When a global brand and big name in the entertainment industry announced it was going to double production and launch a new television network within the year, the company’s senior vice president of technology knew the existing network wouldn’t scale to support the new production schedule and growing entertainment empire. That being said, both the IT organization and the budget were stretched to their limits.

    Originally, the production company used multiple carriers for network and backup network connectivity at each of its sites. However the existing infrastructure didn’t support quality of service (QoS), which is required to mitigate network latency, a major impediment in television broadcasting.

    Like so many information technology teams, they were continually being asked to do more with their existing budget, and that just wasn’t going to meet the organization’s growth plans. So the SVP needed to make a case for more resources while gaining buy in from other executives in the company’s senior leadership team, including the CFO.

    Enter Koi Consulting Group, a managed services provider headquartered in Southern California. Working with the IT organization, principles Justin Den Herder and Mark Manuel designed a network that would scale to meet the demands of a fast growth company. Moreover, the team helped the SVP of IT make the case for a bigger budget with access to more resources.

    “Making a business case for more money is complicated business. When the average business purchase involves 5.4 decision makers, that is a lot of people you have to convince to spend money to do something different,” said Koi’s Justin Den Herder.

    In fact, it’s not unusual for Koi to help buyers make the case for change. Koi knows that selling to internal stakeholders is often the hardest part of the whole sales process. By helping IT decision makers transition from “IT speak”, providing a common language for change, helps the business understand how additional investments in infrastructure align to business goals.

    “Not only did we help the IT leader make a case for change, we helped tie that change directly to the company’s fast growth goals,” said Koi’s Mark Manuel. “Doing so enabled the SVP of IT to speak directly to the company’s desired outcomes and get the leadership signoff he needed to make additional infrastructure investments.”

    With a new network in place, the company was able to consolidate its services to a single provider and successfully meet the demands of operating a television network, while doubling its theatrical production.

    And now, Koi Consulting Group continues to work with the company. Not only does Koi offer Tier 1 support for any network issues that arise, they sit with the IT organization and the executive team to help them get more productivity and throughput from the network. After all, with a data intensive operation and a growing media empire, infrastructure is a big deal.

  • From Project List to Whiteboard
    How One Company Worked with Koi to Increase Their Agility and Improve Productivity

    When William Craig joined the U.S. division of a major global consumer electronics company as the Chief Technology Officer he was handed a pages-long project list; long enough to make the most resourceful leader faint-of-heart.

    Prior to his tenure, the project list kept growing, while his competent, yet, understaffed team focused to the daily needs of their workforce: putting out fires and maintaining their global voice and data network.

    “They were doing everything onsite from running their own Exchange to doing their own break-fix,” said Mark Manuel, partner at Koi.

    On the business side, the executive team was feeling the stress of ongoing margin pressure. As such the company prioritized an initiative planned to improve workforce efficiency through the enterprise deployment of a productivity-enhancing suite of services, including new ERP and CRM platforms, along with a new IVR in their call center. The burden of which lay entirely on the shoulders of William and his team.

    With a staff of five, ongoing fires and a project list growing by the day – these initiatives seemed like many more projects doomed for inertia. Not only were the deployments major enterprise-wide projects, the embedded patchwork voice and data network wasn’t scalable to support it. How could they possibly meet the business objectives while maintaining the current infrastructure?

    Enter Koi Consulting Group, a managed services provider headquartered in Southern California. Through an in-depth understanding of the organization’s goals, Koi recommended and implemented a network and hybrid-cloud infrastructure solution that gave the necessary speeds, feeds and quality to ensure that the ERP, CRM and resulting call center rollouts went smoothly.

    Moreover, the company offloaded its tier one helpdesk support to Koi.

    “Not only do we manage the vendors, we are the first point of contact for issues as they arise from time to time,” said Justin Den Herder, partner at Koi. “Meaning that initial response and troubleshooting falls to Koi. And that just means that William and his team are more productive.”

    “The team from Koi is not a third party vendor, it is an extension of my team. I cannot function without them,” said William.

    Well, Boss, we like you, too.

    Oh, remember that pages-long project list? It’s gone. Now, Koi participates in on-site meetings held around a white board. The IT team is super-productive and happy…. Finally they get to work on those projects that result in tangible business outcomes and we get to help. Boy, does that make us feel great.